Saturday, May 11, 2013

[Expletive Deleted] Ed-Tech #Edinnovation

This is an amazing piece by the prolific edtech blogger Audrey Watters. She does an amazing job talking about the past-lessness (my word) that goes with so much writing and (non-)research about educational technology.
I will make this required reading in my Emerging Technologies course.

[Expletive Deleted] Ed-Tech #Edinnovation: "Because there are other stories about the past and the future of education — ones where building human capacity trumps adding tablet capacity; ones where agency matter more than algorithms; ones where innovation comes from students, from professors, from librarians, from researchers; ones where new ideas are not driven by commercialism but by care; stories and initiatives that are local and will not scale but need not scale; and yes, stories and expertise that are Canadian."

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