Sunday, December 30, 2012

MakeyMakey and Twine Sunday

It's Sunday, and since it's the last Sunday of 2012, I felt it was time to do some playing. Today's toys: Makey Makey and Twine.

Let's start with Twine.

Here is what the folks at Supermechanical say about Twine:

Your experience as a Twine owner begins with the setup (at, when your device gets connected to your network and, bam, you are ready to go. Twine comes loaded with sensors: temperature, magnetic, and position. It also comes with a breakout board that allows you to add other, external sensors. 

Once you have set up your sensors, you can establish "rules" that allow actions to happen in response to certain criteria.  Here's an example rule I made (after connecting a light sensor). When darkness falls, the Twine sends me an email saying, "Hey, turn on the lights!"

The Twine is monitored via a web page, which provides rapidly refreshing displays of the data collected from your Twine. 

I didn't get very far, but this device is very cool.

Device #2 is the MakeyMakey. The MakeyMakey folks' video says it all:

So far, I have been able to do some typing, some game-playing, and some music making. Sadly, I am out of bananas until the next shopping trip, but look forward to creating my own banana-piano.

The coolest thing about this cool device is that it is Arduino compatible, and thus truly "open." 

I am looking forward to bringing both devices, but especially the MakeyMakey into my classroom.


John Calvert said...

Yeah - Makey, Makey is a keeper. I have to get one.

The twine thing is pretty awesome. It kind of reminds me of ITTT in so far as you set up rules. I really like that because it creates possibilities only limited by your imagination. In fact, I wonder if you could connect Twine and ITTT?

Hmmm, I might have to get one of those, too...

Gerald Ardito said...


I think there are tons of things you could do with each of these.
Right now, MakeyMakey is more extensible, as it is an Arduino compatiable device.
I'll continue to share what I do with them.