Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Study on Blogging

Jeff Felix, a superintendent for a California school district, has completed a study on the use of blogging with K-12 students. Here is a summary (from Jeff) of his findings:

The study on teachers in the United States who are using blogging as an instructional practice has finally been completed. The study shows that teachers perceive a significant increase in student learning through motivation for assignments and through deeper thought processes. Students seem to enjoy the connectiveness of their work to other subjects and to each other. This collaboration encourages a deeper relationship with their peers and with the teacher.

Jeff has generously made the full study, as well as a shorter paper available on his blog. I celebrate and appreciate it work and commend it to all of us committed to opening up new possibilities for our students using Web 2.0 tools.


Jeff Felix said...

Thanks for the posting. If you are interested in science and the use of blogging, check out Sean Gardinier from San Diego. His website is
He is also a graduate student, so the two of you have much in common. Good luck to you!

Mr. A. said...

Thanks for the lead on Sean Gardiner. I will definitely look at his work and probably get in touch.