Monday, October 8, 2007

Inventing New Boundaries

I just finished watching the Pre-Conference Keynote for the K-12 Online Conference. The presentation was called "Inventing New Boundaries" and was "assembled" by David Warlick.

What can I say? Here is one quote that just knocked me out (I am sure they are not entirely perfect):

These digital natives have invisible tenatacles that connect them to the rest of the world. The problem is, when they enter our classrooms, we chop them off because we want them to be the students we want to teach rather than teaching who they are. And this is an insult to our children.

I am wanting to shout about this from the rooftops -- which would probably be more effective than posting it here, since I have maybe 1 reader as far as I know.

I have been trying to share what David talks about in this presentation with other colleagues and teachers and students for the past year or so. I no longer feel so alone.

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britt816 said...

This is an amzing quote and amazing conference. Teachers have too long ignored the technology that is avaliable at thier fingertips.