Saturday, November 3, 2012

Isn't It Time?


I have been reading this article on MindShift this morning.

In no way do I disagree with what this article is saying.

But this is the part, I wanted to start a discussion about. Isn't it time we moved beyond the basics of this conversation.

For example, in another domain of experience, we already know that aspirin (and other medications) work, so there is no longer any need for articles, books, professional development sessions, etc. promoting the use of medication.

Computer based educational technology has been in use in schools for over 30 years. I believe strongly that it is time to move beyond the "gee-whiz" and "tools-based" and "case study" approach to the use of technology, and to start developing real distinctions that would allow learners to benefit.

What are your thoughts?


joyusnes said...

Gerald, my thoughts are that learning research indicates the value of quality adult interaction and play in child development (birth to teens). Computers have some value, but not as a substitute for those other things. Until I see more dialogue and good practice in those areas, the subject of computer-based learning seems premature.

Gerald Ardito said...


I couldn't agree with you more. In my classroom, I have explored ways that technology could enhance, expand, and/or deepen my relationships with my students and those with one another.